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Exploring the weird, the wonderful and the queer (AKA the queerderful!)

Looking for new ways in which to tell stories (or not tell them, as the case may be), whilst connecting the unconnected. 

Creating works that are as challenging and confusing as they are funny and entertaining.

Mentally-organised, emotionally-disordered, double-immigrant, with over 25 years of experience as a playwright and now screenwriter, with a keen interest in the dark and the hilarious.

“The thing I love about Sebastian's writing is that it is always surprising. Sebastian writes with real drive and inventiveness and their commitment to creating the sort of art they are passionate about shines through."

(Anna Jordan, writer, “Succession”, “Killing Eve”)

Photos by: Tom Wennerstrand, Tina Engström, Ammar Elhaj Ahmad
Videos by: Ilinca Calugareanu, Caterina Sartori, sgarbipix

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