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In Consideration for The Pitch FIlm Fund, 2024

Recipient of Write Wild mentoring for writing, 2022-2023

Finalist at the ISA TV Pilot Pitch Competition, 2023

​Nominated for Most Promising New Playwright at the Off West End Theatre Awards, 2012

Awarded a Peggy Ramsay Foundation Grant, 2010

“It is a joy to find a writer like Sebastian who has the soul of a playwright with a taste for the absurd and to watch them develop and wrangle those skills and sensibilities into their screen work. It helps that they have a kind heart to boot"

(Oliver Lansley, writer, "Flack")





A bitter-sweet animation set on a refugee ship, drifting in an endless ocean from port to port, desperately seeking a place to harbour, inspired by the MS St. Louis and SS Exodus.​



A low-budget, surreal road trip, feature film, about a punk anarchist, her Mercedes van, a little-girl that needs an urgent operation and the colourful characters they meet from this world, the afterlife and another dimension, all guided by an invisible, talking Sparrow.​




A surreal journey into the life of Casey, whose flat is being taken over by a sack of potatoes, destroying their relationships and forcing them to come to terms with their mental state.




BOHEMIANS LIKE YOU​ (8X30” comedy)

In the vibrant and gritty indie-glam scene of early 2000s London, four misfit flatmates chase dreams of fame and fortune while navigating personal struggles with identity, love, and mental health. As they drink champagne in the gutter, dodge beatings, and flaunt outrageous outfits, their tight-knit community becomes their sanctuary in a changing, post-9-11 world, as they learn that true family is found in the most unexpected places.


THE COMPETITION (8X30” serial)

A queer, satirical farce, in which a self-made millionaire organises a competition where four individuals must perform extraordinary feats to win a prize. As the competition unfolds, the characters' ambitions clash, leading to hilarious and outrageous outcomes while exploring themes of love, morality, and the consequences of cutthroat competition.


THE 10-YEAR ITCH (12X30” sitcom)

On their 10 year anniversary, Ted and Ruth gift each other with an open night of sleeping around. With a ticking clock - this is The Purge for lovers and anything goes. 


In the wake of their matriarch's passing, a dysfunctional family with deep-seated issues is reluctantly compelled to celebrate each family member's birthday, exposing repressed secrets and lies. As they gather for a year of birthday parties, tensions reveal the complex dynamics among a group of individuals who share nothing but blood ties. In this dark and honest family dramedy, they must confront their past and find love and acceptance within themselves before they can truly accept each other.

BEADIE (60” TV drama)

A dark Gothic morality tale about Beadie, a 40-year-old who still lives with her mother, and dreams of escaping. Will the arrival of the mysterious Matthew be the solution?




Blake had it all. Blake now has nothing. On the brink of despair, they embark on a whimsical journey, guided by the eccentric Jordan. Along the way they explore the absurdities of existence in this queer, comic interpretation of Ecclesiastes.


Wasp is back after years away, and first thing they do is go visit Fig, obviously - who else could they visit? In a bittersweet moment, they confront their past and question… is it too late for reconciliation.


Nobody understands a word that Alex says, but it takes a chance encounter involving Billie and an adorable toy, for it not to matter.

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